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Our story

The Birth of Babyfi TM

Like many great business ideas, it started with a moment of frustration

Why is it that so many products made specifically for babies are dangerous for babies? As a new mom of twins, all I wanted was a safe, breathable, sleeping environment for my newborns. What I ended up with was a baby product revolution and a company that supports single parents.

Babyfi TM started in my nursery. I used to wake up in the middle of the night and go put my face within inches of my sleeping babies’ mouths. Ok, good, still breathing. I worried about SIDS, SUID, and a million other things. My pediatrician had me remove all the bedding from the cribs - no baby pillows, no crib bumpers, no anything. This would protect my infants from suffocation risks. Okay, great. Problem solved. Except the twins were spending most of the time on their backs (except for when being carried and tummy time) so I wanted to ensure they are more comfortable and there is not too much weight placed on certain spots on their head. So I ordered an infant pillow (actually ordered multiple pillows) marketed as being breathable which to my surprise were not breathable at all. What I discovered is, no such products existed that are affordable for the average US household. Why not?

I got together with a few smart people and we consulted pediatricians as well as multiple product and industrial designers. We talked with other parents, did extensive research, and eventually came up with the Infant Hollow Headrest. Finally, we had a safe, fully breathable product that could protect my babies’ heads and foster comfortable sleeping. I realized other parents needed access to this product, too. So we launched Babyfi TM - a company created by a parent for other parents to revolutionize the baby industry by making it safer.

Babyfi TM led to the creation of the Gestation Tank - a platform that gives parents an outlet for their intuitive ideas concerning baby products.

Babyfi TM also led to the You’re Not Alone Helping Single Parents program. Babyfi TM will assist low-income, single working parents. Check out the organizations we partner with here.