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Gestation Tank

Since I’ve had kids, so many mothers have shared ideas with me about baby products: ideas for new products, ideas for safer products, more effective products, more practical products, more aesthetically pleasing- the list goes on. Here’s what usually happens though: a mom gets a great idea, but doesn’t know how to implement the idea. She is swamped with the responsibilities of motherhood and likely has a full-time job. So she lets the idea go. I want to make those ideas a reality! That’s why we developed the Gestation Tank. Babyfi TM will fund this think tank where parents may submit their ideas for development. We will review the ideas and move forward with the ones that are not already on the market, can be implemented well, and promote a baby product revolution! The process works like this:

Step 1

You, as a parent, get an idea. The idea can be for a brand new product or an improvement for an existing product.

Step 2

You go to Babyfi TM’s website and submit your idea here!

Step 3

Babyfi TM reviews the idea.

Step 4

If we think the idea is feasible, we contact you, the inventor, and draw up a contract.

Step 5

We take your idea from design through production, all the way to market.

Step 6

You, the inventor, receive a portion of the profits from each sale for the duration of the product’s life.

So what are you waiting for?! Submit your idea to the Gestation Tank!