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Babyfi™ Products Revealed

Breathable Crib Guard

What makes the Babyfi™ Breathable Crib Guard unique?

The Crib Guard promotes uninterrupted sleep by creating soft, fully breathable protection that poses no suffocation risk. Patent Pending!

As infants grow and begin to move around and roll over, the mesh and hollow crib guard protects them from bumping their heads on the sides of the crib or from getting limbs stuck between the slats.

Babyfi™ Breathable Crib Guard

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Babyfi TM Breathable Crib Guard


Generic Crib Bumpers

Breathability: The hollow shape and mesh outer shell guarantee a fully breathable structure. The wide weave of the 100% organic, muslin cotton casing promotes maximum air circulation and prevents suffocation.

Suffocation Risk: Fabricated with dangerous, breathing prohibitive materials fabrics and stuffings that prevent airflow and cause asphyxiation.

Comfort and Health: The design protects babies’ heads and limbs from bumps, bruises, or twists by providing a barrier against the hard sides of the crib. The covering is made of natural fibers that foster air circulation, prevent sweating, and promote sleep.

Inferior Design: Traditional crib liners do not protect the baby from the hard sides of the crib, while standard crib bumpers provide padding but are not breathable. With these types of products there is a tradeoff between safety and comfort.

Certified Safety: Tested and compliant with consumer product safety requirements outlined by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. Unlike other crib bumpers this product does NOT fall under the Federal ban.

Banned (by regulators): As of May 2022, the CPSC banned all crib bumpers for sale as they are considered hazardous products that can harm infants and babies. Our product does not fall under this ban as its mesh and hollow and fully breathable.

Non-Toxic: This is a hypoallergenic, food grade product with no latex, glue, foam, chemicals,  biocides, fire retardants or allergens used in it or its construction.

Toxic: Contains chemicals, dyes, glue, foam, feathers, and other unsafe or allergin inducing materials that are not recommended for infants and are not food grade.

Zero Waste: Made from 100% recyclable and biodegradable materials. The packaging (also 100% recyclable and biodegradable) doubles as a storage box for bibs, pacifiers, toys and all the other little things a baby needs.

Creates waste: The packaging is not reusable and the products are not biodegradable or recyclable.

Washable: Sanitize and clean away spit up, milk, bacteria and more for a fresh, hygienic naptime. This product is machine washable in cold water.

Not Machine Washable: Most crib bumpers are made of materials that changes shapes or shrink in the washing machine.